Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am done with college!! Yes that is right... completely done! I have actually been done since Friday but never had a chance to blog about it. I was planning on bumming around all week until I found out I was working with a new person on Monday and Tuesday along with my usual on Monday and Wednesday plus taking a training class on Wednesday. I thought I was only working 10 hours this week, but it is going to end up being around 20! I guess it is good that I actually am working and it is related to my major... I haven't really found other job opportunities. It is going to be tough working with both people because I will be working with one of them M-F 9-2 and the other M/W/F 4-8... basically my M/W/F are working from 9-8!! Burnout? I hope not! I am moving in with my sister which means my drive won't exactly be short, but I will be crashing at a friends house every once in a while so I won't be back tracking on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

I am so ready for Friday. I pick my grandmother up from the airport in the afternoon then all the family comes into town and we are going to dinner then going beer bowling. Saturday morning is graduation followed by lunch and then relaxing/drinking and later cooking out at my sister and brother-in-laws. Hopefully I will be going out that night to continue the celebration! Sunday I will be both occupying my grandmother and going to a friends candle party. I am not sure when I am actually moving since I am busy all this weekend, the following weekend I will be at the beach for a Bachelorette party and the next weekend I will either be at the beach again or I won't have anyone to help me move. It looks like I am going to be doing some moving during the week and hoping to get everything done. I am so glad to get out of this crap hole that we live in, but sad that I won't be living with roommates anymore. Unfortunately with the job market the way it is and the fact that I don't know where I will end up with a job I did not want to sign a lease with a friend and then be stuck in a bad situation. My hope is to find a new job by August or September so I can have normal hours like the rest of the world. Whew well this was a long post and I have to wake up early to go to that training so I must go!


  1. Congrats on graduating! I'm very happy for you and can only wish you the best for your future! I have exams this week and hope to get out of HS soon. There are many years ahead of me before I can say I graduated college. Too many years.

    Happy trails!

  2. Thanks!! Savor the time.. it will be over before you know it!