Monday, April 26, 2010

Week One

Exactly one week has passed since I began my gluten free test diet! I am pretty happy with how I have been feeling and have had to be very creative in my meals. Last night I went to Mellow Mushroom because they have gluten free pizza crust; it was delicious! I have found other restaurants that now offer gluten free options which is pretty exciting as well. If the next week continues to go well then I will either continue testing out the gluten free diet or decide to go completely gluten free. I have also considered going mainly gluten free and still allowing myself the occasional gluten treat like real pasta or crackers or BREAD, but we will see. This week is the last week of classes then exams start next week. I am so ready to graduate and so nervous that I still have no idea what I am going to be doing. Here's to enjoying the last week of class...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gluten Free

I have been thinking about trying a gluten free diet for almost a week now... that may seem like a short time but all signs point to trying it. I was working with a client last week and I was having a discussion about gluten and casein free diets with his father. His son has severe autism and he is considering trying to eliminate both gluten and casein to help his sons meltdowns/behaviors. They have tried this particular diet before and did not see a huge change, but now that he is a few years older they are considering trying it again. That is what really got me thinking about trying a gluten free diet in the first place. After that conversation I looked at some blogs and one in particular where I thought I remembered the blogger being gluten free. Pretty Little Steps blog discusses how she tried going gluten free and decided it was the right choice for her; quite quickly actually! This brings me to today... not only did I receive an email back from Yasmin, I also received two e-mails from my bosses talking about a class they are offering this coming Monday on gluten free diets! If that is not a sign I don't know what is!! Although I can't attend the class/training because I will be in class at that time I am going to try to start my 2 week trial diet on Monday. I realize this is going to be really hard and probably more costly, but I am willing to see what happens. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I have had digestive issues on and off for years... I have been tested for celiac's before and I don't have it so although gluten is not lethal for me it seems to have benefited other people who have eliminated it from their diets. If you have any advice on things I should purchase for my two week trial please let me know!! Hopefully this will be a positive change that ends up making me feel better overall.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Shred

My roommate and I have started doing the 30 Day Shred. We have successfully done level 1 the last four out of five days... pretty impressive, eh? We took a sneak peek of level 2 tonight and realized we are not ready to try it out yet. I think we are going to try to do 10ish more days of level 1 and then try out level 2. I've read a few blogs about people doing the 30 Day Shred so we are hoping for big results... just in time for swimsuit season! In other news I am doing a fill-in with a different "client" tomorrow. He is much more autistic than I am used to working with so it should be a challenge. Hopefully he won't smear poop all over the wall like he did with the last person who filled-in. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Weather & Trivia

The weather here is gorgeous and just in time for Easter! I am glad it is finally warm and I can start getting rid of my pasty skin. (Unfortunately that never completely happens... but I do eventually become "normal skin tone" as my mother calls it!) Tonight a few friends and I went to eat dinner & play trivia for the second time this week. We went earlier this week and finished 11th out of 11 teams... tonight we finished 3rd out of 10 teams! We walked away with a $10 gift card to the restaurant that we were able to put towards our meal tonight. Trivia is so much fun and FREE... if only we ate before we went then it would be completely free! In other news I have started to do p90x with my roommate... I have not been completely dedicated, but the parts we have done have been super killer. In the morning we are doing the p90x yoga which is 90 minutes long. I have NEVER done yoga in my life, let alone p90x yoga. I am sure by the end of it (if we make it through the whole video) we will both be sore and ready to collapse. I think I prefer the 30 day shred much more; not only is it shorter, it also doesn't leave me quite as sore! Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and has a wonderful Easter!!